Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Creative Process

I often think the creative process is like a form of torture, especially on days where the ideas don't flow into your head easily....or the idea is there but the skill to replicate it on paper/canvas is sorely missing. I love the days when my hands and brain actually do work it out and come up with great things...maybe the mental drought at other times makes us appreciate it when it does happen!

Ink pen drawing
10cm H X 21cm W

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Extinction Extravaganza - The Huia Bird

A few weeks ago we went to the Porcelain Punch Travelling Circus theatre show which was full of old world acts (everything except the bearded lady) and Porcelain Punch being the "best elixir guaranteed to fix ya!" (we bought 2 bottles just in case).

This old fashioned show inspired me to think of what creatures we could revive or reveal in a travelling circus of New Zealand wonders (mythical creatures like the giant Canterbury panther, or the mystery moose herd of Southland...much fodder here for consideration) and I couldnt go past my favourite extinct bird the Huia. Last sighted in Aotearoa NZ in about 1907.

So welcome one and all to the amazing, the incredible,the wonderful and supposedly extinct Huia (on trapeze for your entertainment)....

Extinction Extravaganza - The Huia
Acrylic on canvas
20cm x 20cm
$220 NZD

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All the better to eat you with?

One of the felines at our house is a tad sinister looking, you never quite know whether he's summing up how much red meat you equate to or not....sleep with one eye open....danger lurks on the end of the bed.
Ink pen & watercolour illustration
12cm x 12cm

Wrapping up warm for winter - autumn down under

Well its that time of year again in New Zealand. Daylight savings is about to end next week, it will get dark early at night, and we will all be swaddled in layer upon layer of wool, looking slightly misshapen.

Ink pen & watercolour illustration
Greeting Card

And there in a small kauri wood a piggywig stood....

...the latest miniature painting from the Owl & The Pussycat theme....

Acrylic on Canvas
10cm x 10cm
 $40 NZD