Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Thing - It's a monster candy sale - this week only at Illustration Friday!

Yet another question I asked in our household this week "If you were a monster what confectionery would you eat?"  - they're starting to look at me weird this week, too many questions, must remember not to verbalise these thoughts in future.

For Illustration Friday's theme "sweet" I bring to you - "The Monster Candy Sale!"

Ok, so its not a Monster Sale....its a pretty small pathetic sale... but it is Monster Candy - annnd its on sale! (drum roll please....pleeease?)

Watercolour pencil & ink pen
16cm x 8cm


Creations By Mit said...

Ha ha! Very clever! Thanks for the smile!

Ted Blackman said...

Forget what monsters like, this candy display is kid heaven! I'll take two Candied Eyeballs and a Pinky Pop! No Pixie legs, those are for girls. :)

Gabby Mckenzie said...

I'd take a Pixie Leg too Ted, the pointy shoe can be quite good for removing the chewy bits of eyeball that get stuck between your teeth.