Monday, May 27, 2013

The distant future (the year 2000) = Robots!

Outer space has crept into the inner space of my mind this week. Rather than robots who are shiny, perfectly manufactured and emotionally void, my collection of robots are a bit emotionally insecure and badly designed.These guys aren't about to revolutionize how we live or protect us from intruders ....

Friday, May 10, 2013

Ballerina Aspirations - the pursuit of a dream

We all aspire to be our goal too idealistic? our goal someone else's 'should' and not a vision of our own making? ...more importantly - will we ever make it? I use too many dots in all of my sentences?  ....
(This is very deep and meaningful...cue orchestral music ...)

 Watercolour & Ink pen
10 cm W x 18 cm H

Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer Apple

Shiny, crisp and sweet, the summer apple is something we dream of in the middle of winter...sigh. A tribute to simple food with a crunch.

Watercolour and ink pen illustration
8 cm W x 15 cm H

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aerosmith in Dunedin last week

Steve Tyler brought Aerosmith to sunny Dunedin last week, and it reminded me of a bogus invention I drew a couple of years ago - the pea fork (unfortunately the pea fork, the juice filled lightbulb and the peach waxer "get that silky sheen like a nectarine" never made it to production) here it is for those of you who missed it...

Introducing the Pea Fork, invented in 1709 by Percy Peasnabber in an attempt to prong more peas than the average utensil. Unfortunately the market for such a fork did not eventuate as no person actually owned a mouth 4 inches wide to wrap around the fork (Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger were not born until the 1900's).