Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm Not Ready

Here is my latest artwork completed just in time for the West Harbour Arts Charitable Trust Art Auction in September at Port Chalmers.

I wanted to mix some illustration work with painted images and see if I could get a retro feel to the work. The boy is drawn on brown paper and the paint colours are mustard and aqua blue.

Mixed media on board
24cm x 24cm

Here I'm asking questions such as:  - how many of us are not ready to change from what is familiar but still feel external pressure to do so?  - how many of us would rather jump into the blue with our eyes firmly closed rather than openly admit we are not ready to? - are some of us never ready and spend our lives never quite making the leaps and instead remaining stagnant? - And if we were to always wait until we are fully 100% ready to change, would we ever reach a stage of being fully ready?

I can also relate to this image because I myself am afraid of heights and I have crouched in the same apprehensive way on the end of a high diving board when I was young - and ultimately chickened out!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

St Leonards School 2014 Art Exhibition

Well its that time of year again when local artists support the wonderful school at St Leonards in their annual exhibition.
Here is my entry for this year of a local place known as Tunnel Beach.

Mixed media (acrylic, paper, oil pastel) on canvas
300 x 300