Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Plight of the Kakapo

The 2nd in the series of 4 bird paintings I am working on.

The Kakapo is a New Zealand native bird that is struggling against the threat of extinction. They are a nocturnal bird who are not prolific breeders, and remaining numbers are small.

In this painting I have tried to set the bird in his natural environment at night time but stepping out of the dark to be lit by a lamp commonly found in NZ homes. He is stepping into the limelight so that we can know him and fight for his survival. 

I see the male Kakapo as an old man who wanders the forest floor; a dear old gentleman who is unable to defend himself from predators.

Kakapo Stepping Into The Light
Acrylic on Canvas
15cm W x 20cm H

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