Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Flight Of The Kereru

My obsession with the Kereru (New Zealand Wood Pigeon) continues!  If you ever get to live in an area where these gorgeous birds reside you will no doubt also develop a deep affection for them (even if they eat your Kowhai tree half to death and leave it looking like a beaten twig).

The  2016 Great Kereru Count has just ended in New Zealand. I only recorded sighting three of them as I've spent most of my time indoors with a cold in the last week or so. Usually I see them every day that Im out in the garden. I've even had a conversation with one!  They try to initiate conversation with other Kereru by making an "oooo-o!" sound that rises in pitch at the end (sounds quite funny really). A Kereru was sitting on the power line about 3 metres above me but facing away from me. It said "ooo-o!" so I said it back. This happened 4 times in a row and then the bird turned and looked at me....and I swear if it could have rolled its eyes it would have.

This painting shows 3 stages of the display flight of the male Kereru which typically happens at the start of a nesting phase.  The bird flies up high into the sky until it is vertical with its wings outstretched and then plummets downwards again and flies away.

Flight Of The Kereru

Acrylic Paint on Canvas
65 cm W  x 25cm H

(Currently part of the Otago Art Society's Spring Exhibition Sept - Oct 2016
Exhibition Opens 30th September)

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