Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to change your worst habits for 2017....or not!

How did your New Year's resolutions work out so far?  I vowed to drink more water every day and 25 days into January I'm now drinking an average of one glass per day instead of the one glass per day I used okay.....its a work in progress!?? Change is hard ay, and water is boring - it would be no problem if it was coffee ("I must drink more coffee in 2017. Whoopeeeeeee!")

"So  there it is, I have a drinking problem".

There are so habits I cant change, and one of them is writing lists. I am CHRONIC. There I said it.  I have "To Do Today" lists, and "What I Got Done" lists, a shopping list, lists of things to fix, lists of things to build. I have lists stuck on the fridge, in my diary, on bulldog clips, on scraps of paper all through the house. 

SO, now there is THIS guy......


Stanley has aspirations. He is excited by the 
prospect of a new beginning....
BUT... he just CANNOT change.

He must accept his quirky habits are part 
of his uniqueness. It's a good thing!
I mean, its not smoking right??

Get your quirky on!!

(example of actual size)

Stuck Stanley earrings 
Hand drawn illustration on acrylic medium.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Who lives in Canadia?

These lovely locals sold and are off to Canada! Have a great trip guys...take me with you!!! (I've always wanted to go to Canada :) )

There was that one embarrassing moment in school where I uttered aloud something about Canadians coming from Canadia. I would like to go and apologise to the people of Canada in person. And YES, that is a ploy to get me to Canada.