Monday, February 13, 2017

Mice Gnawing At Your Dreams

On this day (Valentines Day) 3 years ago my son Sam was born at 6am in the morning. Three years have flown by - and I haven't gotten any older (stop sniggering!) 

So the annual twilight vigil in the kitchen happened lastnight. About 6 cups of sugar became a vision of wildlife and rodent cuteness. I finished (or gave up) at 3am this morning, had a shower and went to bed.  

Fifteen minutes into sleep I awoke with a terrible realisation....I had forgotten Maisey Mouse's tail! (Staying up really late heightens your sense of paranoia and dread making you slightly irrational).

This years cake is done and dusted. Happy birthday my favourite little man!

In case you thought the black-legged thing beside her was a tarantula....its her favourite toy Panda....

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