Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You're The Apple of My Eye

In the heat of summer (yes that’s right New Zealand, that two days in late December) you’ve got a hankering for a bite that’s sweet and crisp….maybe even chilled from the fridge…gasp!

Growing up in NZ we had the baked Granny Smith apples stuffed with dates and cinnamon; the stripey rose blushed gala apple (the staple of every school lunchbox); the deep magenta red of the Red Delicious with its knuckly bum (weird! - but Im right arent I??); bobbing for elusive apples at school gala days; and not to forget the mystery apple concealed under toffee (which was kinda growse if it was mushy and bruised – but hey, we only wanted the toffee anyway ay, and why couldnt they triple dip that sucker?).

Does anyone else remember their parents telling them that if they ate an apple core an apple tree would grow out of their head? I was terrified!

I think the coolest name for an apple variety is a Peasgood Nonsuch but my favourite apple is actually the Fuji – its HUGE and crunchy and slightly tarty (just like me - yes I AM crunchy).

So heres to summertime and the apples of your childhood. 
Hang a little sweetness on your ears.

The Apple of My Eye

Hand drawn illustration on acrylic medium.


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