Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My mouth has gone dry....and... I can't breathe...

Being an artist gets kinda weird sometimes because you come up with these hair-brained ideas about what you're going to paint and then you begin a strange research process. 

Firstly Ive got to say I'm terrified of spiders. They gave me nightmares as a child, and shrieks as a grown woman. As part of my latest idea I am having to sit and learn to draw a Katipo spider from a book of NZ creatures. 

His legs are shiny, his multiple knees (??) are spindly and smooth....BLURGH!!! 

My mouth has gone dry,
 my skin is prickling...

(better not be anything crawling on me!) and I'm supposed to sit here and stare at him until I've drawn all of his creepy little bits in perfect proportions....ewwww ewwww ...ewwww!

The hilarious thing is the mighty Katipo spider we were all warned about as children is a whoppingly pathetic 8mm in size. I seriously thought they were going to be 40mm at least just by their dangerous reputation.

Next my research takes me to marvellously gorgeous yet totally impractical fashion from the Victorian era.

(Photo courtesy of Victorian & Edwardian Fashions For Women 1840-1919 by Kristina Harris)

I'm pretty sure that's whats running through her mind as her bone corset crushes her vital organs into minute steaks.....but isn't the jacket beading absolutely stunning??
Can you imagine being a NZ settler woman moving to the damp muddy bush country of Aotearoa in heavy skirts (the women in skirts guys, not Aotearoa) with spiders and wetas running up your skirt in the night time? They weren't a wussy bunch that's for sure.

Next up I have to figure out how to draw a head turned sideways with a front-facing body....and so then comes the selfie...complete with fuzzy hair!

It is then I find out how hard it is to stand facing forwards but turn your head sideways and still be able to look at the camera to check you're not photographing the ceiling. Obviously I'm not as stoic as a settler as I'm complaining about having to turn my eyes sideways! 

More HB pencil, scraps of paper and hours of erasing and I get this...

So this painting project is keeping me very busy at the moment....will post an update of how the painting is going very soon.

In my next post I'll also share with you a fabulous hack for getting your drawn picture onto a canvas (or a wall!) that I wish I'd known ten years ago.

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