Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Guiding Light of Taiaroa

I've set aside my scary spider drawings for the past week to get a landscape painting done for the St Leonards School exhibition (Opening night Friday 24th of March at the St Leonards School Hall at 7.00 pm - All Welcome! Drinks & Nibbles & Art - what could be better on a Friday night!!)

On the Otago peninsula is a lighthouse sitting on the edge of Taiaroa Head. Its rugged cliff faces jut out into a wild bit of east coast ocean. It has an albatross colony, and a visitor centre, and a historic fort which is all highly publicized ....AND a whole lot of early Maori history that is quite hard to find! 

My digging led me to this guy (don't let a bad haircut fool you - this guy is switched on!)

...and a brief biography of his life http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/biographies/1t2/taiaroa-te-matenga  (bit of bedtime reading?).

And so here's a painting with a stormy wild cold ocean, a gorgeous lighthouse preventing ships from running aground, a limb of warm land stretching out to the russet sky, and a story of a man.

"The Guiding Light Of Taiaroa"

Acrylic On Canvas 
680 W X 300 H

 ***  NB:  Another place I've been trying to locate on the Peninsula is "Tarawei's Leap"  - if anyone knows where that place is exactly drop me a line! There's so much amazing history around the Dunedin area but trying to piece together the story with the actual location is quite tricky.

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