Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Look who just waddled in to say Hi!

Introducing the Whio (Blue Duck) who is an endangered New Zealand bird...

Acrylic On Canvas 
20cm W x 15cm H (8" x 6")

Because he's a bit shy he mainly hangs out in the fast flowing parts of rivers in mountainous areas so we don't hear about him much. He's a hoon on the rapids (why else would he own a kyak??).  He's a one woman man who helps guard the nest which is built on the ground - not great when theres predators around (stoats and other such furry losers)...and that's why we're losing them.

To read more about Mr Whio (first name "Terry" unconfirmed at this point) go to this page HERE.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Waddling Into New Territory

There's something about a duck painting. Ive always liked them when Ive 
seen them in other people's houses jammed in a row up the side of the 
hallway door. Nature portraits. Not a feather out of place. Mallards,

yikes! 1990's flashback of me ordering a "Fluffy Duck" at a bar!??

Ducks are sort of reagal and quaint... but also hilarious with their puffy 
chests, short legs and kitchen spatula beaks. 

Im not the only one who finds them funny... here's my son at 4 months old absolutely losing it (quacking up??) watching the ducks at the park...

New Zealand's native Whio (or Blue Duck which is actually grey, someone 
explain that one to me ) is endangered and he's a bit of a hoon when it 
comes to white water rapids. 

Mr Whio is my current painting challenge/learning curve. 

                                              SO here are my first pair of duck legs... far so good...

Theres 2 days left to go in the 2017 Wild Dunedin Festival. Anzac Day will be a good opportunity to get out and participate in some of the local events.