Friday, July 28, 2017

Being Part Of The Big Picture

One of the really cool things about the internet is how it can connect us to people and events all around the world. A group in Vancouver Canada are running a project called "The Big Picture"where they take drawings from all over the world and make one large picture out of it. 

Search by name or country or keyword, and each picture comes with a small commentary written by each artist. Its so interesting getting an insight into other people's lives

                                     ....maybe Im just nosey HA!

...certainly a great way to spend a few hours on a rainy day. Click the link to go to the website The Big Picture Project

Here's the picture I submitted, you can search for it online with "Gabby Mckenzie" or "New Zealand":

I am seriously going to Canada oneday, seems like a fabulous place. Meantime I will have to tell myself Im famous there with my funny drawing :)

Only one month of winter left in the southern more month of comfort food and hibernating.

Hungry now??

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