Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Winter's Night In The Woodshed....

One Winter's Night In The Woodshed....

....its the title of my latest painting. I read somewhere that Fantails (Piwakawaka) huddle together in sheds to sleep during winter nights so they can survive the cold by sharing body heat (usually they nest only in twos), and I thought 

"how cute would that look!".

Of course it gets really really cold down in Otago so Im sure the Piwakawaka wear woolly hats and scarves too....or at least these ones do!

 Acrylic On Canvas
 25cm H x 50cm W  (10"H x 20"W)

When I was trying to come up with a title for this painting a fellow artist suggested I call it "Where's Wally" because of the red and white striped hat :)

Where's Wally?
(spot the disapproving look on the other bird's face...Fantails are not supposed to wear their hats to bed!)

This painting is headed for the gallery at the Dunedin Railway Station for the annual Edinburgh Realty Art Awards opening early August. 

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