Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Snow flurries and fantail snuggles

It snowed overnight in Dunedin blanketing everything in shiny white. I love it when it snows, it makes everything glint in the winter sun looking so serene.

(View from Mornington across the harbour to Vauxhall with Highcliff hills in the background)

While its so cold spare a thought for our birdy friends and put out some seeds or fruit. You know food is getting scarce for birds when a giant Kereru lands in your young twiggy kowhai tree to chomp off the young leaves. I really thought he was going to snap the branches off.

And here's a sneak peek at the fantail painting Im working on for the upcoming Edinburgh Art Awards at Otago Art Society...

Work In Progress...still a few feather spots to do....and feet! Flyers need feet!

The exhibition opening is Friday 4th August at the Dunedin Railway Station. It's usually a big opening night so pop along and join the fun! :)

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