Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lying Down Standing Up?

While doing the sketches for the fantail painting "One Winters Night In The Woodshed" I got hooked on the idea of cute sleepy little Piwakawaka's perching all over the place. 

I'd heard the saying "A cup of tea and a lie down" so I thought I would paint a wee Fantail perched on a tea cup having a wee nap. I had no idea where the saying  came from but good old Wikipedia informs me it was actually part of an Australian advertising campaign for a medicinal product containing aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine; a 'mothers little helper pill'. 
The saying has since been used in all sorts of situations like famous quotes by Australian politicians and its the title of an album by NZ band the Able Tasmans too.

But this time...its a sleepy wee birdy having an afternoon nap after a nice hot cup of tea...

A Cup Of Tea And A Lie Down
Acrylic On Canvas
20cm W X 20cm H (8" X 8")

And so tomorrow I begin another sleepy Fantail painting...this time an outdoorsy type...will let you know how that goes!

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