Thursday, September 28, 2017

Flights of fancy cups and fantails...

Where did August and September go? ...and why is everyone already using the big scary "C" word (and I saw christmas lights for sale at Bunnings the other day - Stop!!). I've been flat out painting the past few weeks and took part in the first ever "Dunedin Art Show" along with my fellow artists from the Otago Art Society.

(fuzzy weirdly coloured photo taken on my cellphone)

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to talk to me at the show and/or chose artworks of mine to take home. It was a really great experience seeing other people connect with what I had created; I am very grateful...and inspired ...and still grinning like an idiot a week later :)

After selling my first group fantail painting a couple of months ago someone told me about a photo that appeared in the Otago Daily Times of a large number of fantails all huddled together on a wire trying to keep warm. I Googled it last week and found the original video clip on YouTube from 2015 shot during a very cold storm. So for your viewing are the little cuties right here...

Apparently it is only Fantails/Piwakawaka that have this habit of huddling together.

Here are 3 more group paintings I painted during August/September:
 (These are actually all the same colour palette but my photos 
were taken on different days so the lighting looks different 
for each one)

Each painting is 500 W x 250 H  Acrylic On Canvas

                                        TOP:  "Winter's Cozy Cuddle Up"  SOLD

                                        MIDDLE: "Piwakawaka Pom Poms"   SOLD

                                        BOTTOM: "Knitting For The Nesters"  SOLD

"Winter's Cozy Cuddle Up" is a couple snuggling together getting a dubious look from their neighbour...maybe because of the snuggling, or maybe because you're not supposed to wear your hat to bed.

"Piwakawaka Pom Poms" was a bit of fun with hats; incorporating local rugby team colours and Edinburgh tartan...and a historical pointy nightcap in gorgeous green.

"Knitting For The Nesters" is an idea I had that all of the birds could share one enormous scarf...and in this case no ordinary scarf....for at the far left is Dr Who (Tom Baker era of the 70's) who owns that scarf. Ahhh the good old days, when robots on TV were made out of cardboard boxes!!

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