Saturday, September 30, 2017

“Grandad’s 40 Winks” from the “A Cup Of Tea & A Lie Down” series

Oh look! there’s Grandad at the kitchen table in his tweed cheesecutter hat having a wee snooze after his umpteenth cup of tea. 

I never had a Grandad growing up, but I did have a fabulous old Uncle who was very traditional and wore a cheesecutter cap and braces to hold his brown tweed trousers up around his rotund puku. My Uncle taught me how to paint, to write poetry...

…and then there were the bugle lessons ...

– I never got the hang of that thing (I’m sure it was broken, despite him being able to pump perfect renditions of The Last Post out of it….I digress….)

Man, the cups of tea! It wasn’t abnormal to be given 8 cups of tea a day at my Uncle’s place, in crockery which was an assortment of Crown Lynn patterns and considered the precious things of the household.

“Grandad’s 40 Winks”

Acrylic On Canvas
200mm X 200mm

This artwork is available now as a quality print on archival grade 310 gsm Hahnemule paper 
for $45 each plus P&P. Print measures 200mm x 200mm and is titled and signed by the artist.

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