Saturday, September 30, 2017

“The Woodcutter” from the “A Cup Of Tea & A Lie Down” series

The woodcutter is the quintessential kiwi bloke in his 'swanny' and favourite woolly hat, perched on one of those old blue enamelled tin cups many of us had (and still have!) for camping trips or days outdoors. 

To me this fantail is the Uncle, the Dad, the guy next door, who every year spends a few days chopping, sorting and stacking firewood ready for the winter. Big burly blokes with little skinny legs who wield axes and tomahawks like the men of a bygone era. 

At the end of a hard days work doing firewood its time for a wee kip in the late afternoon sun…or snoring in the lounge chair halfway through the TV news!

“The Woodcutter”

Acrylic On Canvas
200mm X 200mm

This artwork is also available as a quality print on archival grade 310 gsm Hahnemule paper 
for $45 each plus P&P. Print measures 200mm x 200mm and is titled and signed by the artist.

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