Monday, November 13, 2017

The Tortoise Mother and The Mermaid Son

I'm off to a slow start this morning - feeling 100 years old. For a week I've been trying to coax my 3 year old son into being a sailor or a pirate for his kindy dress up day today - stripey shirt, ragged shorts - easy for mum. But no, he has been adamant for the entire week that he absolutely must be a Mermaid. 

We have no Mermaid things at our house. 

So, 6pm lastnight out comes the bag of fabric scraps... blue satin lining from an old skirt I had, a silver tank top I never had the courage to wear in public, green felt left over from gluing felt squares on the feet of my dining table chairs,....then I sew til midnight and this morning the son of an artist (alias slow tired tortoise mother) is an ecstatic Mermaid, and I mean crazy happy.  

Mermaid successfully delivered to a kindy full of whirling colourful characters, I am back in my studio finishing the shading on 2 fantail paintings (will post pictures up when they're finished - hopefully very soon!)

Coffee and cake will hopefully give me the zing I need to power through my work today (any excuse!). An angel (you know who you are) left that wee birdy coffee cup as a gift on my front gate one evening - really love it!! 

Must fly! Bird wings to tint.... 

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