Monday, December 11, 2017

A time for reflection - from the naughty seat?

We put up the Christmas tree last weekend - and I said what I say every year "next year I'm going to make handmade decorations for the tree" ...and I'm thinking little Kereru birds. What other bird would look great on a tree? (All of them, they all hang out in trees!?? Okay sorry, dumb question!)

Recently I've fallen in love with a new bird

... (a statement uttered by many a provincial man in Aotearoa at this time of year). Some birds are large and graceful in flight, some are slender with long curved beaks to pull nectar from deep flowers. The bird I have fallen for has a rotund puku (tummy), a tail which was an afterthought and toothpick legs. 

The South Island Tomtit is adorable. With their tiny stature and skinny noodle legs they just remind me of a small child; an innocent creature too small to fend for itself. And so, I have painted Master Tomtit sitting still on a wooden stool - perhaps the naughty seat where...

 he has been asked to reflect on his past behaviour

...and he is sitting patiently waiting for someone to take him home for Christmas. Do you have spare christmas pudding for a wee bird at your house?

Master Tomtit

Acrylic On Raw Canvas
175mm H x 125mm W

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