Friday, March 16, 2018

March To Your Own Beat

I’ve always loved Donkeys, I think because they look like a Great Dane dog crossbred with a Hare. Long jowls, long ears, big deep eyes. They look muscular and powerful, yet soft nosed and fluffy eared; cute enough to cuddle. 

Donkeys seem to be an intermittent recurring theme for me. The first Donkey I ever met in person was on a farm in Switzerland about 10 years ago and he was so solid looking I was actually too scared to get too close. I kicked myself later that I had been such a big chicken (but I suppose that was better than being kicked and then laughed at by a chicken). He was very interested to know who was visiting and he hung his log-like head over the fence to investigate, and he was just so beautiful.

Seven years ago I began spending serious time making illustrations and I found an artist online from Texas called Matt Duffin (link to Matt's website here). I loved the dark clues and the symbolism in his work....and then there were the Donkeys. The cowboy Donkey,

... the Donkey folding his underwear 
(entitled "Tighty Whitey")...

...the Donkey at the podium, the Donkey with his head in a heart was won.

Four years ago we put in an offer on a big old wooden house in Dunedin. On the lounge wall was a small painting of a Donkey. I asked the real estate agent if the vendor would sell the painting with the house (as he was leaving the country and I’m sure he wouldn’t need a Donkey would he??). The vendor said no. I decided then and there that one day I would paint my very own Donkey.

March 2018 I painted my first Donkey. My Donkey stands on a drum wearing a brass band hat. He’s not tap dancing or playing percussion with a drumstick. He is unsure if he fits in the show. He thinks he ‘should’ go along with it but his heart isn’t in it and so his body stands still while his mind runs elsewhere. He is “No Show Pony”.

"No Show Pony"
Acrylic On Canvas 410mm H x 205mm W

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